USB Drives

USB Drive or USB Flash Drive also called Thumb Drive is a removable and rewritable disk that you can connect to computer in USB Port, Store Data and transfer to other machines when required. Here are articles about different USB Drives.

The USB Drives also known as Flash Drive and Thumb Drive etc are small thumb like devices to connect to your PC. You can buy USB Drive in different capacities e.g. 512 MB, 1GB or 1TB etc. USB Drives are portable and can be used for storing and transferring data between machines. These are rewritable disks. Nowadays, many computer programs, elearning courses and computer games, operating systems etc often delivered in USB Drive. Here are articles about different brands of USB Drives.

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How to make a bootable USB pen drive on Windows

This article explains making of USB pen drive bootable using software. Generally peoples are using CD/DVD for installing any operating system on PC or Laptop. But main problem in writing CD/DVD on your desktop you lost your CD/DVD if any failure in power, but when pen drive is used and any failure in power it will not destroy your pen drive but after formatting pen drive can be used. This procedure taught you how to use one USB pen drive for all.

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