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Killing the Processes with SIGKILL under UNIX

In UNIX and UNIX-like Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, When a program runs abruptly or if we were in a situation to terminate it then we need to pass the required signals to kill/terminate it. Learn the usage of SIGKILL -"kill" command.

Compare Windows NT server with Unix operating system

Windows NT is one of the oldest popular Operating System famous for it's networking features back in it's prime time. UNIX was and still is one of the stable Operating System that attracts lots of usage worldwide. Read the comparison to know how each of these OS fare with.

User ID and User types in UNIX Operating Systems

This article explains about, what exactly is an USER ID in UNIX operating system and how is that been represented and stored in "passwd" file with the user details. Also, read this article to know about the range of user ids and their special permissions.

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What are the programming languages used to develop OS?

Are you curious to know what programming languages have been used in several types of OS we are using in our devices? Follow this thread and read answers by experts to know the list of programming languages used in the development of operating systems.
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