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DataWind, crowned as UK's Most Innovative Mobile Company is the maker of Aakash Tablet, the commercial name for which goes as the UbiSlate series of tablets-the cheapest tabs available in India.

The UbiSlate 7 series has unveiled 4 production models. Namely UbiSlate 7Ri which features a resistive screen.UbiSlate 7Ci and UbiSlate 7c+ with a capacitive screen. The highest variant in the UbiSlate series is 7CZ.

DataWind is the topmost maker of wireless web access products and services. The company was initially incepted in Montreal in the year 2001. They deal in a wide range of wireless web access devices. They are the founder of the very well-known Aakash tablet. The association is a UK based company and has major processes in Europe, Canada and India. They have devoted themselves in presenting internet access devices with very reasonable internet connectivity and making internet viable for the mass.The company is a pioneer in producing cheap tablets and has brought into market a new range of tablets in its UbiSlate variety.

As the expansion procedure of the company is affected by interruptions and hold-ups, the tablet will be offered at adequately small rates at the time of commencement. It will be dispersed by the government to pupils at a very low price.The cheapest UbiSlate, 7Ri will be available at a very affordable price of Rs 3,499 only.

The UbiSlate series is aimed to make tablets with a rich internet experience,available to the mass.
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