Get connected with the world with Twitter

One of the leading social media platforms, Twitter is known for keeping people connected irrespective of the geographical locations they are located.

Twitter is an online social media network that empowers the users to send and read short 140 character messages, commonly known as ‘Tweets'. In order to get along with this social media services, people need to register with this site. Registered users are provided with distinct login ID and password to keep their account safe from the fraudulent hackers. Registered users can also read and post tweets. Users can also log in to their Twitter account from their tabs or smartphones. The Headquarter of Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco with almost 25 offices across the world. According to a survey report in 2013, Twitter was considered as one of the ten most visited websites. Twitter has over 500 million users, out of which almost 270 million users are thoroughly active.
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