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Get rid of wires for Internetworking and Internet browsing. Here are articles about various WiFi devices and WiFi Networks.

Wi-Fi network and devices are must to have when productivity comes into question. Here is knowledge about various types of Wireless Networks and Devices and Software programs to connect you everywhere.
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How to use your Laptop/PC as a Wi-Fi router using connectify software

In this article we will see how to configure our laptop/PC as a Wi-Fi router. We can configure our laptop as Wi-Fi router and get connected our other smart devices and share our internet connection via this configuration. This is very easy with the wireless adapters and free available softwares.

Why Wifi Repeaters can be a bad idea and what are the alternates?

The most suggested solution for Wifi coverage issues is not as good as it sounds. Repeaters, extenders, boosters: Call them what you like, but it's a common solution that doesn't solve the problem. There is an alternative recommendation. In this article, you'll learn why repeaters should be avoided - and what you can do in their place.

How to set up WiFi Repeater, Booster, or Range Extender?

WiFi Extender is used to extend the range of existing network coverage area and create a bigger network. Also known as a Wifi Range Extender, a wired connection port is used to connect with the existing network for extending the range of your WiFi.

Top five Wifi Routers with SIM card slot

In this article, I'll discuss the best five wifi routers that facilitate both WAN connections and SIM cards. What are the notable ones? Let's start reading now.

How to find your Wifi password from Windows 10 or router/modem?

Have you ever been confused about the WiFi password saved on your computer and wanted to use it on another device? Imagine a situation where you are looking to find a password of a device currently not connected to, but have used it on your device previously. Have you ever tried finding the password saved on your Windows 10 computer?

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Pen Drive lets you transfer data over WiFi

If you are in constant need of sharing data from one device to another, a simple pen drive or flash drive won't suffice and you may need a more advanced solution to seamlessly transfer data across your devices. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick acts as both a pen drive and wireless storage and may be exactly what you are looking for.

WiFire App review - Great app to find WiFi networks around you

There are times when you are stuck with a slower than a snail 2G connection while on the move. What would one do in such situations? You will keep searching for a better cellular network, or look for people having WiFi and request them to share their password. Or better still, use an app that does the work for you. WiFire is one such great app. We will analyse the app in a finer detail.

Reliance JioFi portable WiFi hotspot: Hands on review

Reliance JioFi portable WiFi hotspot is a powerful device providing unlimted internet access for 2G/3G phones. It comes in low cost and Reliance welcome offer to provide customers an easy way to connect to the digital world.

How to stay safe with public WiFi

Free Public WiFi has been the most ubiquitous thing you will find almost everywhere. That is indeed quite good for the netizens. It will help you keep in touch with all things you want to. But, it suffers from one major drawback. They are susceptible to hacking attacks. We will make an attempt at exploring the ways to stay safe while using a free public WiFi.

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