Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office also said as MS Office is productivity app to write content, make companies’ balance sheet, build slides and presentations, and deploy websites etc. The MS Office Application runs in Windows, and OS X environment.

The Microsoft Office or MS Office is productivity suite for desktops and servers running Winds OS or OS X. You can do many things in office application; for example write content, make companies' balance sheet, build slides and presentations, and deploy websites etc. It was first announced by Bill Gates during COMDEX in Las Vegas on 1 August 1988. The MS Office has many editions, some of those are already closed, for those Microsoft offer no support. The most recent MS Office Suite is Office 2013 for Windows, released on 11 October 2012 and Office 2011 for OS X, released 26 October 2010. Some other variants of MS Office are a touch optimized version pre-installed on Windows RT tablets, Office Mobile for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. A web version of MS Office called Office Online is also available.
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