E-file income tax returns in India

It's tax time again! Are you looking for e-filing your income tax returns this time? E-filing makes tax filing and refund as easy as uploading your Form-16 and filling the basic details. Learn more about how to e-file tax returns in India.

Filing tax returns (ITR) is one of the most complex mandatory legal requirements all the tax paying citizens have to go through. While paying taxes itself is not an interesting thing to do, filing the ITR make it a bigger pain.

Thanks to all the efforts by the government. In last few years, several government services have gone online and income return filing is one of them. Tax payers could use the official government services to file their tax returns since last few years. However, there were still some manual processing involved.

The income tax department announced the Tax APIs which allow the approved intermediary services to use them to provide customized e-filing services. In last 2 years, several accounting companies have started their own income tax e-filing services. One of the primary advantages of e-filing of tax returns is, you don't have to remember all the deductions and compliance requirements. The step by step e-filing process will prompt the users to provide all such data and help users to get the maximum benefits and refund.
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