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Android tablets are the mobile devices introduced by leading manufacturers. These are all the devices which can perform the operations like a computer. The tablets can be platformed with different operating operating systems. The tablets platformed on Android OS, is known to be Android tablets. There are different makes in the Android tablets. Some tablets come with SIM calling facilities. These tablets are available in the different price ranges depending upon its features, specifications and manufacturers. The use of tablets are becoming more popular among people today. The Android tablets consumes less power, easy to maintain, low cost, carry with your pocket. Find out more related articles and products below.
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Best 5 top Android Tablets to buy in 2013

Read this article if you are searching for the best Android tablets that you can buy in 2013. Know the specifications, read the review and compare the pros and cons to decide which Android tablet will suit you in this year of 2013.

Best Android Tablets below $200

Nowadays, market is flooded with many android tablets. The users always prefer mini gadgets, as these are easy to be carried and come with functionality. Here, we have tried to provide the names of some of the best android tablets below $200, which is entirely based on the high ratings and Amazon customer reviews. Enjoy the listing and choose the best android tablets below $200 that is most suitable for you!

Most Popular Android Tablets in India

Nowadays, Indian market is capturing a great share of internationally released tablets and other computing devices. Some of the most popular Android tablets currently available in India are Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, Sony Tablet S, Motorola Xoom, Reliance 3G Tab and HTC Flyer. In this article, I am enlightening these Android Tablets available in Indian market. Do have a look and gain your knowledge about these tablets.

Best 5 Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablets: Review and Specifications

The Android world offers a great deal of all new version; the Android 4.0, also called the Android Ice Cream Sandwich in the newly coming up Tablet PCs. Do you want to buy one of the best Tablet PCs? Then, here are the top 5 Tablet Pcs of the world running on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich Os giving you the impressive experience of an Android mobile and a PC combined together.

Latest Android Tablets

Today, owning an Android smart device is not just a matter of pride, but also a matter of elegance. Every one of us likes to have latest technology suitable gadgets. Searching and finding out the latest becomes a tedious task. So, here is a list of latest and best rated Android Tablets released in the first quarter of the year 2012 with specifications and price details.

Ainol Novo 7 Venus v/s Micromax Funbook Pro- Which one is better

Ainol Novo 7 Venus and Micromax Funbook Pro are the tough competitors of each other. If you are confused to choose the better among the two, then go through this article; comparing the Ainol Novo 7 Venus with Micromax Funbook Pro and choose the better between the two rival tablets.

Salora Pro Tab and Pro Tab HD tablets: Reviews and Specifications | Buy online from Flipkart

Read all about Salora Pro Tab and Pro Tab HD tablets and the procedure to buy it online from Flipkart. It is advised to go through the specifications, features and price of Salora Pro Tab and Pro Tab HD tablets before giving a green signal to your mind to own it. Having a network of 170 service centres in 127 cities, the company aims to move forward realizing the expectations of the customers.

Wikipad Gaming Tablet Review | Features

Are you looking for a perfect tablet especially for gaming? Here's the new Wikipad tablet which is ultimately designed for gaming. In this article you will get to know the awesome features of this tablet.

Review and Price of Nvidia Project Shield - Gaming tablet

This article discusses about the Nvidia Gaming tablet which comes under Nvidia shield project. You can find details like the price of Nvidia Gaming console, design etc. in this article. This is a gaming tablet or you can say a gaming console which is similar to Xbox 360 controller. Let's learn more about this gadget in detail.

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Which are the top 5 Tablet PC to buy?

Want to know which are top 5 selling tablets PC nowadays available in India? Are you looking for specifications and features of top 5 tablet in India currently? Find your answer in the responses given below.

Best and cheap tablet of the year

Are you thinking of buying an Andorid based tablet for gaming and web browsing priced under Rs.6000? Do you want to know if there is a better tablet than Micromax Funbook? Follow this thread and read answers by our experts, who will guide you about the availability of an Android tablet for gaming and browsing for around Rs.6000. Also read some tips for buying an Android tablet.

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