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Use of Technology; computers, Smartphones and other gadgets is fun when you understand them better. Here are Tips and Tricks to get maximum out of your gadgets and Smartphones.

Technology is awesome friend when you understand it. Computers, Laptops, Phablets or Smartphones and Apps are not worth if you can not understand those truly. Here are tips, tricks and suggestions about use of various gadgets and apps to get maximum juice out of these. You will enjoy working with your gadgets and apps with these handy Tips and Tricks.

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We see some options in the 'Send to' menu of the right-click in Windows 7 Operating System. There are some number of options. But, if you hold SHIFT key and move to the same 'Send to' option, more number of options are shown. We can also add more options to this list. This article will help you in doing just that.

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