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How to deposit money in PPF account Online

PPF accounts allow users to deposit up to Rs 1,50,000 per year and is commonly used by people to save tax. In fact, the interest from PPF account is also completely tax free. However, depositing money in the PPF account can be time consuming especially if you are doing so in batches through out the year. Online deposit to PPF account on the other hand is simple and can save a lot of time.

Gold ETF or Gold Savings Fund, which gives you better returns?

Investing in gold ETFs and gold savings funds look better than buying hard gold these days. Which one should you invest in, gold ETFs or gold savings funds? Which gives better returns? Learn the differences between gold ETFs and gold savings funds, and see which is better.

PPF vs Fixed Deposits: Which is better and why?

Public Provident Fund (PPF) and fixed deposits in banks are the two safest investment instruments for risk averse investors. Is PPF better than bank FD or vice versa? Find out in this comparison between PPF and fixed deposits, which is better, when, and why.

How to file taxes online in India

Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) is mandatory to every citizen paying taxes in India. The Income Tax (IT) Department of Government of India made the cumbersome process easy by accepting tax payment and ITR form online. You can make e-payment of taxes and e-file for ITR. Here is how to How to file taxes online in India
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