Tablet PC – easy and convenient to carry

With the advent of Tablet PC, gone are the hassles of carrying laptop or sticking to your PC. Tablet PC’s are easy and convenient options over conventional options.

Tablets or Tablet PC's are the latest trend in the technology market. With Tablet PC's you can actually do anything and everything that you would probably do from your personal computer or laptop. You can play games, click photos, video chat, browse internet, make presentation and everything else that you could think of practically. In addition, tablets are far more convenient options, if you have to travel too frequently. Several companies are coming up with their latest tablet PCs. If you are looking for an affordable model, yet with all the latest features, you will get that too. With the increasing demand of the tablet PCs in the market, there are different budget friendly options available.

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ASUS Eee Pad transformer prime released in India

ASUS released its most awaited tablet PC / net book 'Eee Pad Transformer Prime' in India for the cost of Rs 49,999. The special features of the devices are Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS that can be expanded up to Android 4.0 and its ability to be used as both tablet PC and the thinnest net book with the addition of QWERTY keyboard to the Eee Pad transformer prime tablet.

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Its Christmas time and the best gift for kids this year is their own tablet. Kids always want to play with their parents tablets so now its time they have their own. With their own tablet they feel like they are big kids and very responsible.

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With the success of Aakash Tablet in India, there has come out a list of Tablet developers in the line of Aakash promising various features at a cut throat rate. They are all power packed and to a great extent convincing to the users. Let’s take a look at the top 10 cheap tablets in India

Best of the most expensive Windows Tablets

Whenever a matter of buying or selling is observed, there is always an intention to know the budget friendly devices along with the quality it gives. There is a mindset that expensive things are of the Best Quality every time. Is that real? Or is it just a saying? In this article i would like to enlighten you about the most expensive Tablets available in the market. Do have a look and learn about them.

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This article is about the new combination of the tablet PC with GSM calling function. This article includes three tablets from different manufacturer, price with their key features and specification.

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Google Tablet Store - Rumour or Reality?

In the recent times, news is being spread all over the media as the Google is Going to launch its new Google Tablet Store for enabling the Android Tablet PC users to have a single Platform to choose among and shop over hundreds of Tablet PC models.This Tablet Store if established would it be really worth for Google and the users or is it just a rumour that spread over the Web?Read on to know more.
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