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Best sports apps for Windows 8 devices

Read this article for the list of the best sports news app right on your Windows 8 device. Know the free applications of the best sports news on your Windows 8 device screen. So check this article carefully.

Apps available for FIFA 2014 for Windows phones

Whether you are working in night shifts or will not be able to catch FIFA 2014 live on your TV due to some other reason, if you have your Windows phone with you with an unlimited high speed data plan then you can easily catch the action of FIFA 2014 live on your Windows smartphone.

Health and Fitness apps on smartphones to monitor your health

In this busy life there's no time for us to monitor our diet and also day to day health. And here comes the cross platform applications to help you in improving your health by monitoring your diet, sleep time, sports coach and various other activities. Read on to know more about some popular health and fitness apps.

Best Android apps for live Cricket

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the craze for mobile apps is also increasing. Developers have launched apps related to different fields making it easier for users to access data in those fields. There are various cricket apps that help mobile users to remain updated about latest cricket news. This post discusses some of the popular apps for live cricket.

Top 5 sports apps for Windows 8.x mobile phones

In this article we will tell you about the top 5 sports apps for Windows 8.x mobile phones. By this you will always be in touch with your favorite sport with the best apps which will help you by giving all the news of your sport.

Top 5 Health and Fitness apps for Windows Phone 8 in 2013

Are you looking for health and fitness apps to get in shape? Are you a WP8 user looking for a virtual coach to help you burn some calories? This article will help you fulfill your dream. Read this article to know the best fitness apps for Windows Phone 8 and begin your workout right away.

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