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Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Software Assists Doctors Amazingly!

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Software launched by Nuance is a speech recognition software used in medical transcription. It is desktop productivity software that is very powerful. This helps the medical fraternity to work more efficiently. This can produce memos, email, letters and reports as you speak. It can be taught to learn your voice in a matter of minutes. Doctors can dictate notes and the software converts it into reports.

Microsoft speech recognition feature in Windows 8

Instead of using the keyboard and mouse, You can also work on the computer system which is provided by Microsoft speech recognition. This speech recognition tool provides recording of voice and well defined set of spoken commands. Therefore, through this article I will explain to you other features of Microsoft Speech recognition Tool in Windows 8.

What is Windows 8?

This article is for the people who are new to Windows 8 and do not know what exactly Windows 8 is. I am giving a very high level overview of Windows 8 and how it fits in to the overall Windows OS series.
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