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Upcoming mobiles and smartphones during May 2012

If you are looking for most recent future releases of Mobile and Smartphone than there is a good news that Sony, Samsung and Nokia and are expected to release their most awaited gadgets during May 2012. Nokia Lumia 610 mobile phone, Sony Xperia U and Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone are going to release during May 2012. Read this post to know expected price range, specification and features of upcoming Nokia Lumia 610 mobile, Sony Xperia U and Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone.

Sony Xperia U - An economical Android Smartphone

In this article,I have reviewed the latest Sony's smartphone i.e. Xperia U. After Sony parted away from Ericsson this is one of the phone with just Sony written on it. This phone is a mid-range phone with price range around 17000 INR.

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