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Smartphones below Rs 10,000 in India

This article is about the five smartphones below Rs 10,000. Smartphones which are attractive and most demanding in Indian Market are included in the list. These days people find it difficult to decide on the type of phone they want to busy. Sometimes, they end up in buying a low quality mobile. This article will provide you with important informations about the existing smartphones.

Sony Xperia tipo dual-Full Review

Sony has officially launched the new mobile Sony Xperia tipo dual in India.In this article, we will get to know about the new Sony Xperia tipo dual mobile phone design, features, specifications. This new mobile offers the combo of Android OS with dual SIM feature at affordable cost.

Samsung Galaxy Music and Sony Xperia Tipo : A Comparison

Sony and Samsung have launched their new products in the smartphone market. They are Samsung Galaxy Music and Sony Xperia Tipo. Both are equally featured and priced in the same range. Read on this article for a complete comparison of the two Android based devices from Samsung and Sony. Also, see the complete Specifications, features and pros and cons of the two devices.

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Sony Xperia tipo dual

Are you looking for Sony Xperia tipo dual? Read details, specification, features and reviews of Sony Xperia tipo dual smartphone just released in the market. This is one of the best premium smartphones currently available.
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