Smart Phones: Smart Device of The Smart Era

Smart phone is a new revolution in the world of communication technology and engineering. These next generation phones have changed the definition of wireless communication.

Smart phones are the devices that have high-end computing capabilities and better features of connectivity than any other feature phone. The smart phones are combination of a media player, a PDA, camera, navigation device etc. The most popular smart phone manufacturers are Apple Inc., Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, HTC etc. the most popular and most used smart phone operating software are iOS, android and Windows. Seeing the advancement of networking technology it is expected that the number of smart phone users be 4.55 billion by the end of 2014.

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How to unlock AT&T Apple iPhone 4S in USA without Jailbreak?

If you are wondering with the question how to use other SIM cards or carriers in Apple iPhone 4S or how to unlock AT&T Apple iPhone 4S in USA without jailbreak then you are in right track. By reading the article you can easily use your AT&T Apple iPhone 4S with other carriers such as T-Mobile.

‘Quran mobile’ launched in India priced at Rs 3,950

Read this article titled ‘Quran mobile launched in India priced at Rs 3,950’. In a joint endeavor, online product comparison firm and ENMAC a malaysian digital production company has launched the ‘Enmac MQ3500 Quran Mobile’ in India. This handset has become much popular among the muslim community living in different parts of the world.

Airtel reveals Apple iphone 4S price in India, pre order online booking starts

Bharti Airtel has started the pre order booking of Apple iPhone 4S in India. As per the announcement made in their official website in India, the launching of iPhone 4S will be on November 25th. But Aircel who were all set to start pre-booking of iPhone 4S in India has not yet started. You can pre order iPhone 4S from their official website of Airtel. Read the article to know hoe to pre order iPhone 4S.

Apple iPhone 4S features and launching price in India compared to Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4S features and launch price is announced in India. Apple iPhone 4S online booking is started in India by companies like Airtel and Aircel. If we make comparison of Apple iPhone 4 vs Apple iPhone 4S then Apple iPhone 4S offers many improved features. Read this article to know differences between Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 4S. Moreover, you can know Apple iPhone 4S features and launch price in India.

Apple iPhone 4S pre order online booking in India from November 18

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HTC Titan Windows 7.5 Mango phone - Specifications and User Review

Full phone specifications of HTC Titan Windows 7.5 Mango phone, user review of HTC Titan, Limitations or Drawbacks of HTC Titan Windows 7.5 Mango, Hardware Specifications, Camera Specifications, and Software specifications are given here; HTC Titan is a new Windows phone 7.5 Mango from HTC. Price in Europe of HTC Titan is EUR 617.50.

Samsung Galaxy S1 and S2 sales figures record 30 million

Samsung Galaxy S1 and S2 combined sales figures record 30 million at the end of September 2011. Being one of the top brand in the international market Samsung Electronics is moving much forward in the popularizing their Android smart phones. Read this articles which gives information about the Sales figures of Samsung S1 and S2.

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Lenovo ThinkPad tablet specification, Lenovo ThinkPad tablet features and Lenovo tablet ThinkPad launch price in India is given here. The entry of Lenovo tablets in India would make users to have more choice for selection from a wide range of tablets. Read more about the latest entry Lenovo tablet ThinkPad.

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