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Top 5 best security apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Secure your Samsung Galaxy S4 with some of the best Android apps. Protect your S4 from malwares and virus, back up your data or make your data password protected- these apps offer all the security features you might want on your Galaxy S4.

Top Security Apps for Android users

There has been a debate about whether you need security apps to keep your mobiles protected from viruses and threats or not. For that, you need to read this article about the top security apps and features, which these apps can offer to you.

How to track your Android smartphone if lost or stolen

Are you looking for the perfect solution to track your Android smartphone using smart apps? Then walk through our resource to know more about some useful android apps and security systems that are renowned in this category of recovering your smartphone with ease.

5 Best Face Recognition Apps for Android

Now your phone can recognize you and even your voice. These free face recognition apps for Android boast of ensuring a better security for your Android device. Read on for more information and check out if they suit your purpose.

StaySafe review: A Model Safety App to Follow?

If you are feeling unsafe on the roads, or any of your family member is getting unusually late, you feel like reaching them as soon as possible. We all face it at some point or the other, especially when the automated voice of their phone says, it is unreachable. The panic starts. Apps like StaySafe are a nice solution to this crisis, and we too need something similar or better, do you agree?

360 Mobile Security - for Android application

Choosing security apps for your Android device is definitely a crucial aspect and there are several such security apps to choose from. One such security feature is the new 360 Mobile Security for Android which has been described in this resource. Keep reading and get to know more about 360 Mobile Security for Android.
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