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Samsung Galaxy is the name owned by Samsung, a leading manufacturers of technology products. Samsung has released many products to the world. One of the best product is Samsung Galaxy tablets and mobiles. The products under their category 'Samsung Galaxy' is called as Samsung Galaxy series. Some of the products released are, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4, Galaxy Xcover, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, etc. The products of Samsung Galaxy series are platformed with different Android OS. The jelly bean is the latest one. Galaxy tablets are used for surfing internet, playing games and having so many funs. Galaxy mobiles are used to make calls with friends and other people as like a phone. Below, you can find out different articles written on this product, related products and their reviews.

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Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 online shopping at best price offer in India

Buy Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 android smartphone through online shopping websites at best price offer in India. Samsung galaxy Y is available at various shopping websites for online buy. Being one of the fast selling budget android phones, the Galaxy Y is especially targeted at the young generation of India. The 'Y' which stands for 'Young' makes clear how the company has managed to produce a device keeping the young dynamic mobile users intact.

Samsung Galaxy Beam Smart Phone - Special Features

Samsung Galaxy Beam smart phone special features are added here. Samsung has been producing so many latest technology cell phones so far. Now, it releases Samsung Galaxy Beam smart phone which has special property of projecting.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Mini 2 Specifications

From this, you will know Samsung is about to release Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy mini 2 smartphones. Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy mini 2 are going to be available first in the UK during April 2012. Find Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 specification or configuration and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 specification or configuration. Find the latest smartphones from Samsung, latest mobile from Samsung and the best mobile from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Apple iPhone 4s

In this particular article am going to discuss the differences between Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus and Apple’s iPhone 4s. Both these devices are impressive, but they differ in various aspects and compete each other in every possible way. The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy nexus, promises to be a new and assured beginning for the android based smartphone market. So lets compare them and find out who is the front runner.

Samsung Galaxy S1 and S2 sales figures record 30 million

Samsung Galaxy S1 and S2 combined sales figures record 30 million at the end of September 2011. Being one of the top brand in the international market Samsung Electronics is moving much forward in the popularizing their Android smart phones. Read this articles which gives information about the Sales figures of Samsung S1 and S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S comparison is given here. While we compare Samsung galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S there are many reasons which people to say about the both devices. Here we try to give a comparative study made on the 2 smart phones.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 tablet features and price in India

Read this article to know Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 tablet features and price in India. Korean based manufacturer has launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 tablets in India and other release of Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 tablet is yet to come in India. Samsung Galaxy 750 Tab tablet is available on online shopping website at a price of Rs 36, 300. In this article I will explain features and price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 tablets in India.

Apple iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 Comparison

You should read this article to get a comparative look over Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) Smartphone. Apple iPhone 4 has launched earlier than Samsung Galaxy S2 in market. Samsung offered additional functionalities to their Smartphone. It has provided thinner, faster and more powerful processing capability for taking pictures and videos on a wide display screen. Moreover, Samsung galaxy S2 is also lower in price than Apple iPhone 4.
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