Now use projector from your Samsung Galaxy Beam

Gone are those days when you used to carry a projector to help your presentation and professional work. All now you need is the Samsung Galaxy Beam and you are sorted.

Samsung Galaxy Beam is one of its kind smartphone that comes with premium quality projectors. There are two models of Galaxy Beam- i8520 and i8530. Samsung Galaxy Beam i8520 comes with the features such as built-in DLP WVGA projector used to project images at up to 50 inches. This phone also contain an 8-megapixel camera that can be used along with the camera, which enable the users to project directly what is in front of the camera. Both the handsets have the option of HD video recording, Wi-Fi recording, e-mail, web browsing and alike. The second handset i8530 was presented at the Mobile World Congress, in the year 2012. The second handset is said to be the newer version of Android 4.1 for better functioning.
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