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Apple MacBook Air: Hands on Review, Complete Specifications, Pros and The Cons

Apple had released its latest product which is known to be 'MacBook Air'. Today in this article I going to give you the complete review of MacBook Air along with its Pros and the Cons. This article will let you know all the details about the specifications of MacBook Air. Read on this article to find out more interesting features about this new product from Apple inc.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display 15-inch NoteBook: Review

In this article we discuss about the latest <B>"Apple MacBook Pro"</B> which comes with a latest technology <B>Retina Display</B>. It is the new king of high-end desktop replacement laptops. Lets have a look on its pros and cons in detail. And don't be surprise at it's breath taking price and for sure it is irresistible to have a look.

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display review: components, specs, features

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Comparative analysis between quad core processors & dual core processors

The performance of any computer or smartphone depends on the kind of processor used. Most of the computers have either dual core or quad core processors. People are ready to buy a computer without knowing what hardware requirements they need. This article tells about the type of processors used in computers and smartphones.

Review of quad core processors in smartphones

Quad core processors is the latest version of the processors that is used by most of the smartphones for high quality and best speed. Quad core processors can also be called as multi core processors. The processor has more advantages and it is user friendly processor too. This article describes about the history, performance, benefits, architecture and other important aspects of quad core processors.
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