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ProProfs Projects - The Project management software review

Businesses, organizations, and institutions have a host of projects under process simultaneously. Managing all of them together can indeed be one of the huge tasks. A centralized solution that takes care of all your projects should work as one of the best solutions to manage them all together.

Project Management as a Strategic Tool

Project management is a tactical approach to ensuring that projects are organized and carried out in a manner that delivers the desired product on time.

Asana: An App for Project Management

Google play store has plenty of Project management apps. However there are very few apps that are powerful enough for serious project management needs. Most of the project management apps also suffer from feature clutter. Asana on the other hand is one such app that is easy to use, minimalist and less clutter to navigate through. In this article, we are going to look at some of the features and use cases of Asana App for Android.
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