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Trello: Organizing Anything At Your Workplace

It is time that we make the necessary changes to bridge the gap between our work, time and manpower. To help us out there are many solutions available in the market that organizes our list of tasks clubbing perfectly with our resources. One such really useful tool to enhance our productivity is Trello launched by Fog Creek Software. Just check out the wonderful features and get yourself one today. Yes, it is FREE.

Android app: EZ Notes - Notes & To-Do Lists features and review

Don't like the famous Note taking apps? Searching for a more secure, private yet with the same ease of use Note taking app? I was too and in my search, I have found EZ Notes, a paid app which provides a lot of good features for Notetaking and making a To-Do list without sharing of the anywhere online unless you specifically decide to. Read on to know what I find out in my review.

Top apps to get rid of Digital Distraction

You have set yourself to work on an article you planned to finish on your blog. You begin to work and a tweet from a friend takes you to Twitter where you spend 20 minutes therein. That is exactly what we call Digital Distraction. If you want to be productive, this distraction is what you need to avoid. Here we go with the best apps you can use for the purpose.

EZTalks - Premium quality free video conferencing software - Review and Comparison

Read the review of EZTalks - a professional quality video conferencing software that offers much more features than any other video calling software can have. See how it increases your professional productivity by making the conferences you hold a time of discussing important things rather than trying to hear each over that annoying disturbance that your conferencing software can't deal with.
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