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Make your own Solar Mobile Charger

A solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy. Solar mobile charger regulates this electrical energy such that it could be used to charge mobile phones. Read this article to know how to make a solar mobile charger at home.

Best Samsung car chargers- review, specs and pros & cons

See the list of best car chargers from Samsung and know their features, specifications, pros & cons, review and price. Know what is good and what is bad in this charger and decide for yourself if you would like to buy it or not.

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Hame MPR-A8III-4

The MPR-A8III-4 is the smallest 150 Mbps Wi-Fi 3G/4G Router with battery from Hame Technologies, China. The Hame MPR-A8III 3G Wi-Fi Wireless router allows users to access worldwide mobile broadband. In order to share the mobile broad band internet connection, simply insert a compatible 3G mobile broad band USB adapter into the slot provided in Hame MPR-A8III-4 Router. This article is about the smallest 150 Mbps Wi-Fi 3G Wireless Router Hame MPR-A8III-4.

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