Pocket Wireless Routers: Connect to the world with wireless routers

Now you can easily save on the WAN cables and carry your pocket sized router, anywhere you wish to. It has become more feasible to use the wireless facilities and use internet.

If so far you used to think that routers comes along with all so messy WAN cables and other such thing. Time has come that you should change your thinking as well. The pocket sized routers has the wireless speed as well as range to power a complex set of networking applications in order to set up high speed network within small span of time. This device is indeed ideal for the travelers and students. They can conveniently use it whenever they wish to. These routers speed up to 150Mbps, which makes it possible to download in just a blink. Alongside, you can also use different applications that are known for high bandwidth consumption such as video streaming, online gaming to name a few.
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