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Online frauds in simple words are frauds which are done using internet as medium i.e frauds which are done online. As internet penetration is increasing and more and more people are using the internet, the number of people falling prey to such frauds is rising exponentially.

Online frauds are of many types. Some of the examples are frauds using credit card information of customers, frauds in the name of lotteries/job offer emails, hacking personal information of internet users, phishing emails and many more. Everyday fraudsters are inventing new and new techniques of cheating and many people are falling prey to those. One must be extremely cautious while doping online transaction and using the internet in general.

It is said that “Prevention is better than cure". Hence it is advisable to take preventive. You must not share the password of your email, social media sites and other accounts with anyone. Also take care while sharing personal details online. Also do online shopping/ credit card transactions only at reputed merchants. Also prevent downloading files from unknown or unreliable sites. However in some cases even after being cautious some people do fall prey to online frauds. In such cases one must approach the cyber crime cell of the local police in your state/city and lodge a complaint there. Furnish all the details about the case to the police and remain in touch with the cyber crime cell for regular updates regarding progress of your case.

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