Nokia Smart Phones: Make A Statement

Smart phone is the identity of this era and one of the forerunners of this technology is Nokia. Nokia smart phone is the name that carries a legacy and is a name that people trust.

Nokia is a name that reverberates with rich history and innovativeness. The Finnish company had set new standards in the world of telecommunications. The company had started developing commercial as well as military radio communication technology since sixties. It is the forerunner of today's wireless mobile communication system. The year 1987 the world saw the first ever hand-held phone; it was the first generation of mobile phones. Since that day the time has passed and technologies have developed and the company has seen a lot of ups and downs but it has always attracted people. Nokia smart phones, just like its predecessors, have seen a lot of popularity and that popularity made Microsoft to take charge of the company.
Nokia Smart phones are available in reasonable price and the shift from Linux based Symbian and Meego to Windows have increased its popularity. With enhanced features and ease of handling has made Nokia smart phones one of the big players in the market.

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