Nokia Lumia 800: the Windows of Connecting People

The ease of Windows and the trust of Nokia are put together in Nokia Lumia 800. This is the new age phone for the new smart generation.

The Nokia Lumia 800 was first unveiled in 2011. This is the first smart phone by Nokia where the company shifted from Symbian to Windows operating system. Nokia Lumia 800 runs on 7.5 Mango. Nokia Lumia 800 has some brilliant features. The Nokia phone lovers could experience the Windows tile format screen for the first time. These tiles offer one touch access to various applications. It provides live access to social media updates, text messages etc. Nokia Lumia 800 has 3.7 diagonal display and the the outer cover is made of polycarbonate plastic. This smart phone share its outward design with N9 but one added physical feature is that it has a dedicated button for the camera at one side of the phone.

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