Lumia 610- the phone for all

Nokia Lumia 610 is specifically designed for the young consumers. The phone is built with all the latest features and functions which make it stand apart in the crowd.

Nokia Lumia 610 was initially announced at Mobile World Congress 2012. Nokia has specifically designed this handset of the young consumers, who are buying the first smartphone of their lives. This handset has a curvy design along with metallic finish. Alike Lumia 710, this phone is also available in different colours including Cyan, Magenta, Black and White. However the cyan and the white model have a glossy back cover, but the black and magenta coloured handset has a rubberised back. The successor of this phone- Nokia Lumia 620 comes with a lot of improvements that lacks in this Lumia 610. This phone is perfect for the young users, as it comes in an affordable range with all the facilities that a young user would seek for.

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