Nokia Lumia 510- another one from the Lumia series

Nokia Lumia 510 is one of the perfect budget smartphones you will love to have. This is one of the premiere Nokia phones, specifically designed for the developing markets of India, China and Latin America.

Nokia Lumia 510 runs on the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. The phone was initially launched in the market by the year 2012. Alike all other Windows Phone, this phone also provides a lot of security to the user. However, this handset also shares the limitations of the Nokia Lumia 610, like not compatible to run all the Windows phone applications and often has some problems with the background tasks. In addition, this smartphone does not have any front camera, lacks camera flash, microSD card slot, low resolution video recording, little RAM memory and similar such drawbacks. The successor of Nokia Lumia 510, was released by the end of February 2013, Nokia Lumia 520, which covered up almost all the drawbacks that the predecessor have.
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