Nokia- the brand that connects people

Nokia is considered as one of the biggest brands, when it comes to phone manufacturing. The brand has been in the market since the very beginning when mobile handsets came into being.

Nokia is a Finnish communications and information technology multinational company, headquartered at Espoo. Nokia has been ruling the mobile phone manufacturing market from the very beginning. Over the decade the company has come along with different handsets, keeping in mind about the consumer demands. From simple black and white handsets to Android smartphones, Nokia have it all in its list of products. The easy user interface of the Nokia phones makes it easy to use for people irrespective of the age. A report revealed in 2013, Nokia have employed over 90,000 people across 120 countries. However, in September 2013, Nokia sold its mobile phone manufacturing unit to Microsoft. The Nokia key personnel joined Microsoft's mobile subsidiary unit as a part of the deal.

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