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MSI GT60 ONF 419US - a perfect workstation for gaming

Are you looking for a powerful gaming workstation? Yes, that's what the MSI GT60 0NF-419US laptop is called. It is called so because of the immense power and high technical specifications that it has to handle any kind of graphics out there. If you are not too much concerned about spending a lot of money on a laptop and just opting for high performance then this is the one for you. Read on to know more about MSI GT60 laptop and also the pros and cons of the workstation.

MSI GT70 ONE - Review of a great laptop for gaming

In this article I'm going to give detailed information about a high performance laptop the MSI GT 70 ONE, specially designed for letting you play the heaviest graphical game available on the planet. This laptop has won several awards for some of the exciting features available in it. Read on to know more about this laptop.

Upcoming Best Windows 8 laptops from MSI: Specs, price, features, availability and reviews

MSI has come up with many unique designed laptops capable to support upcoming Windows 8 operating system and featuring advance technologies like SRS PC Sound, HDMI support USB 4.0, Eco engine power saving technology, third-generation core i processors and many more. This post covers Specs, price, features, availability and reviews for such MSI Windows 8 notebook computers expected to be released very shortly.

Best and cheap laptops in India under Rs 20,000

Looking for some good laptops in and around Rs 20,000 then just go through this article. I have given all the details, features and specifications of various laptops available in India which are under Rs 20,000.
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