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A Mouse or Computer Mouse is a pointing device connected with computers to control cursor movement on display screen. Douglas Engelbart of Stanford Research Center invented Computer Mouse in 1963.

A mouse or computer mouse is an input device. Its used to is used to perform different tasks in a computer thereby eliminates much reliant on keyboard and computer commands. The invention made working easy with computers and increased productivity. Even a novice with computers can start learning / using computers with help of mouse. These come in many types. Optical Mouse, Wireless Mouse, USB Mouse, Mechanical Mouse, Laser mouse are some examples.

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LG Mouse Scanner LSM 100 features & price are added here. LG brought world's first mouse cum printer LG Mouse Scanner LSM-100 which has no different with conventional average mouse and whose one portion is mouse and one portion is scanner. With this mouse scanner you can scan documents and photos and save them in Microsoft Words, Excel. Read this article to know more about this multi-tasking mouse.

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