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Microsoft Lync 2010 - The Next Generation Communication Suite

This article talks about the new Microsoft Lync 2010 and its various features including product details, reviews, system requirements and benefits. Microsoft Lync 2010 is an ultimate enterprise solution for all the unified communication requirements which comes with new features and extended capabilities.

Microsoft Lync 2010: Review, Features and Applications

Microsoft unveils the Microsoft Lync 2010 which optimizes the communication tool for users to get connected with individuals across the globe. The Microsoft Lync 2010 has synchronized their outlook with its compact features that makes users to use as Office Communication tool, Communication through distant meeting and many more.

Download Microsoft Lync 2010 trial version

This resource talks about the Microsoft Lync 2010 RTM launch announcement and where to download the trail edition. Lync 2010 is a communication and collaboration tool from Microsoft.
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