Microsoft Edge Browser - Tips, Download

Microsoft Edge is a new generation web browser from Microsoft. This fast, secure and light weight browser is bundled with Windows 10. Microsoft has bundled a lot of security features with this new browser to make internet a safe place for its users.

Edge is a brand new web browser from Microsoft and is expected to replace its traditional Internet Explorer browser. In last few users, Internet Explorer was slowly losing its glory to Google Chrome and Firefox. The company wanted to give an impression that they are ready for competition with a brand new browser.

Edge, previously code named "Project Spartan", will be the default web browser for all Windows 10 devices. Users will have the option to install other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox etc. Internet Explorer will continue to exist for some more time but is expected to have the sunset eventually.

As of now, Edge is available for Windows 10 only. But it is expected to be available for download for other devices shortly.
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