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Micromax A116 Canvas HD is the flagship smartphone product from Micromax, the leading Indian mobile phone manufacturer. Since the company entered the mobile phone manufacturing business, they have been the undisputed leader in the Indian smartphone market.

The Micromax A116 Canvas HD is the successor of Micromax A110 Canvas HD, which has stolen the hearts of the mobile geeks in India. The A116 is the first quad-core smartphone from an Indian manufacturer. Priced below Rs 15,000, this phone is surely going to rock in the Indian market.

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Micromax Canvas A116 HD- release, features, specs, availability and price

If you are interested in the latest smartphone A116 Canvas HD released by Micromax on February 14, 2013, the information is here in this article. The reports are that the initial stocks of Micromax A116 Canvas HD were sold within 15 minutes of the start of the sales of this smartphone. Micromax A116 Canvas HD priced at Rs.13990 with 1.2 GHz quad core processor that runs with the Google's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS having 5 inch IPS screen and 8 MP primary camera is just for the grab.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Micromax A110 Canvas 2 - A featured war!

Everyone nowadays is looking for the comparison of Micromax A116 Canvas HD with other smartphones. This time, I am here with this article of comparison between Micromax A116 Canvas HD and its predecessor Micromax A110 Canvas 2. Go through this article, titled as 'Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Micromax A110 Canvas 2 - A featured war!' to choose a winner between the Micromax A116 Canvas HD and Micromax A110 Canvas 2.

Review and Comparison of Micromax A116 Canvas HD with other quad-core phones

It may be real for proverb's sake – "Much boast; little roast!", but the latest sensation quad-core smartphone launched by Micromax A116 Canvas HD is sure to make it a big lie. When I saw the launch and read the reviews, I had the feeling that "He came, He saw, He conquered!" Well, in this article, I would like to present you with review and comparison of Micromax A116 Canvas HD with few other quad-core phones. Please read on.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Vs its competitors - A comparison

This article gives you overview of how does Miromax A116 Canvas HD compete with its competitors - Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082, LAVA XOLO A1000, Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray and Karbonn S1 Titanium, phones with similar features/specifications and price. You can judge the best phone once you read the comparison with respect to features and specifications.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD: Features, Reviews, Specs and price in India

Have you came across the second generation Canvas HD smartphone from Micromax? If not, then read our resource on Micromax A116 Canvas HD features and reviews of the product. You may know the price and specifications of the Canvas HD to be launched by Micromax. This particular smartphone is the best Android based smartphone till date by Micromax to be featured from February, 2013

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Vs Huawei Ascend G600

This article is a comparison between the recently launched Micromax A116 Canvas HD and the sleek Huawei Ascend G600. With a comparison of the specifications and looks of the phone, I will review which of the two is a better choice to spend your money at. Read the article and share your opinion as well.

Compare Micromax A116 Canvas HD Vs Nokia Lumia 710

Are you planning to purchase Micromax A116 Canvas HD online or planning to buy Nokia Lumia 710 online? If you want to make comparisons between the latest Micromax phone and Nokia phone, please go through this article. I have tried to review Micromax A116 Canvas HD and Nokia Lumia 710 smartphones. Features of Micromax A116 Canvas HD smartphone seem much better as compared to features of Nokia Lumia 710. This article will help you to know the key difference between Micromax A116 canvas and Nokia Lumia phones.

Specifications comparison - Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Lava XOLO A1000

The Lava XOLO A1000 which has hit the markets and has the capability to become a rival for the Micromax A116 Canvas HD. Here in this article, I have done an in-depth comparison between these to find out which is better. You may read through and decide which is a best deal for the price offered.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Karbonn S1 Titanium – price, features, specifications, review

The two budget smartphones which created ripples in the smartphone market after their release in January and February 2013 are Karbonn S1 Titanium at Rs.10,990 and Micromax A116 Canvas HD at Rs.13,990. If you are confused which one to buy, you can make your decision easy by reading the comparison of the two smartphones presented in this article. The features and specifications of Micromax A116 Canvas HD and Karbonn S1 Titanium are aptly compared here in this article.

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Micromax A116 Canvas HD

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