LG’s Optimus range of smartphones

LG’s Optimus series smartphones are the perfect blend of affordability and features. The slim and sleek design of these smartphones deserves a special mention.

The Optimus series from LG is actually a series of tablet computers and smartphones, designed and developed and marketed by LG. Optimus branded devices runs on both Android and Windows Phone 7 operating system. However, if we consider LG's Optimus series of smartphones, there are only two Optimus phones that runs on Windows Phone Operating System, compared to the almost 20 unique Android smartphones. The smart features of these phones certainly make a mark. Alongside, the affordable price of the smartphones of the Optimus series makes it extremely pocket friendly. The LG smartphones are quite hardy and perfect for everyday use. The sleek and slim designs of this series of smartphones are really attractive and are available in lucrative shades.

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