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So, what's making news in the technology world? Rumors,upcoming releases .Wrath of arch rivals iPhone and Samsung.Success stories. We cover them all on this article.

With a plethora of new offerings for its users.Microsoft is all set to turn the tides of Windows 8.After a disappointing Q1,Microsoft is now looking at capitalizing on the tablets,portables and handhelds' market with few big releases lined up.Microsoft's CFO Peter Klein recently announced that the Surface Mini is just around the corner.It is already anticipated to be the iPad killer!

Elsewhere,HP is all set for a comeback to the Tablet market, with its new avatar Slate 7 running on Android and powered by a dual core processor.If we are to believe rumors,they would be priced a mear 169$.

The latest smartphone in the block is Ascend P2 by Huawei. Featuring a 4.7 inch display supporting upto 720pixels and running on Android 4.1 .We are looking forward to a hands on review

News from the subcontinent, states that Chinese smartphone manufactures will invade biggies like Apple and Samsung through their slim and slick smartphones offering bigger displays at lower prices.Huawei,Lenovo and ZTE to lead the onslaught at the Mobile World Congress

Some good news for Whatsapp fans.The multi platform messaging client is about to make way to BlackBerry 10 within March 2012 confirmed sources.

That's all we have in our kitty currently.Keep watching this space for more news and happenings from the tech world.
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