Karbonn Smart Phones: The Smart Indian Technology

The telecommunication boom has helped to bring up some Indian companies that have spread their reach internationally with their products and services; one such company is Karbonn Mobiles.

Karbonn is a Bangalore based telecommunication firm that emerged into the wireless mobile handset market in the year 2009. This Indian company brought to the market very low priced mobile phones which were mad typically for Indian consumers. The company became famous as they associated themselves with Champions' League Cricket Tournament. The launch of a new range of Karbonn smart phones was announced on October 2012 and that array of phones is refered as Karbonn smart. The Karbonn smart phones range consists of models like Titanium S19, Smart A12 Star, S9 Titanium, A Series etc.

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Karbonn Smart A111 Specifications

Karbonn Smart A111 is a new smartphone by the Indian company Karbonn with all the features of the existing smartphones. Embedded with 5 inches multi display touch screen, it works on Android 4.0 icream sandwitch. It is not yet released in the market, but online sale have been started by the company. It costs Rs 11,300/-.

Karbonn Smart A2 launched in India

Here is the review of the recently launched Karbonn smartphone called Karbonn Smart A2 in India. Please see this article to know more about its features and specifications.

Karbonn Smart A2, 4 inch Android v2.3.6 Ginger bread OS at Rs 4,990

Folks out there, who are looking for a fresh start craving for an Android experience at an affordable budget, here is the solution right down here. Karbonn has unveiled an entry level smartphone, Karbonn Smart A2, a dual SIM 4 inch Android Gingerbread smartphone at Rs 4,990. Scroll down to take a brief look at the features of this smartphone.

Karbonn A21 hands-on review

Are you thinking about buying Karbonn A21? Read our hands on reviews of this new smartphone from Karbonn, the leading Indian smartphone manufacturer.

Hands on review of Karbonn A9+, a value for money smartphone

If you are looking for an affordable Android smartphone, consider the new Karbonn A9+. This Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone is affordable, stylish and does the job perfectly. Read this hands-on review to learn more about the features and disadvantages of Karbonn A9+.

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Karbonn Smart A12

Karbonn Smart A12 has just launched and here you can get the full specifications of this low-end smartphone. It is an affordable smartphone which is priced at Rs.7990 in India. Know the full features and decide whether to buy or not.

Karbonn A30

Are you looking for a big smart phone from Karbonn? Then Karbonn A30 is a smartphone with big screen of 5.9 inches and is a dual SIM model running Android operating system. Read more details, specifications and features of the Karbonn A30 Android dual SIM smart phone in this article.

Karbonn A8

The Karbonn A8 full specifications and price in India are given here. It's an entry level Android smartphone that comes with some impressive features.

Karbonn A34

Are you looking for a Dual SIM Calling tablet from Karbonn with Android operating system? The Karbonn A38 is one of the best choice for budget tablets running Android Operating System from Karbonn. This article gives more details, specifications and features of the Android tablet Karbonn A34.

Karbonn A34 TA FONE Kommunicate

Are you looking for Tablet phones below Rs. 10,000? Read details, specification, features and reviews of Karbonn A34 Tablet TA FONE Kommunicate seriries. This is one of the best tablets currently available to suit your budget.

Karbonn A37 TA FONE Kommunicate

Are you looking for Tablet phones to suit your budget? Read details, specification, features and reviews of Karbonn A37 Tablet just released in the market. This is one of the best tablets currently available below Rs. 10,000.

Karbonn A6

Are you looking for Karbonn A6? This basic smartphone has been released in the market in March 2013. Read details, specification, features and reviews of Karbonn A6 smartphone just released in the market. This is one of the best basic and cheap best selling android Ice cream sandwich smartphones currently available.

Karbonn Titanium S1

Karbonn S1 Titanium full specifications and latest price in Indian stores are given here. Check it out and decide whether the Android Jellybean smartphone is the best deal or not.

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