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Windows 8 Phones - Intel and Windows 8 coming on Phones

Intel CEO made a mention about Windows 8 coming on phones. It was a slip of tongue or a desperate mention no one knows but here is what he said about it. Read this resource to know about Intel and Windows 8 coming on phones.

Top 5 laptops powered by intel i5 processor below 35,000/-

If you are planning to purchase a new laptop with high end features like high speed processor, vast memory and large hard disk capacity to store your content within an average budget of 35,000/-, then here are some of the best notebooks for you. These laptops offer Intel i5(3rd Gen)processors at the price of 2nd Gen laptops.

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Which is best among Intel and AMD processors?

Are you thinking of buying a computer or a laptop? Are you confused whether you should buy a system with an Intel processor or an AMD processor? Do you want to know the pros and cons of Intel and AMD processors? Follow this thread and read expert answers relating to the comparative performance of Intel and AMD processors.
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