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HTC One V smartphone - Hands on review

HTC launched its compact smartphone HTC One V previous month in April. HTC One V is a younger brother of HTC's flagship phone HTC one and is compact is stylish.

HTC One: The latest smartphone sensation from HTC

The competition from Samsung Galaxy and iPhone5 is indeed overwhelming for any global smartphone manufacturer like HTC. A manufacturer always welcome healthy competition from the fellow manufacturers as did HTC. Now they have decided to launch a brand new smartphone with the name HTC One in U.S.A. and other western countries, initially to combat the competition from Apple and Samsung. In this article, let us see the sensations behind the launch of HTC One with specifications and features.

Overview of sensors used in smartphones and tablets

This article gives an overview of different types of sensors used in smartphones and tablets. These sensors include accelerometer, ambient light sensor, GPS sensor, compass, proximity sensor, pressure sensor, gyroscope etc. Read the complete article to know how each sensor works and also its operating principle.

Specifications and price of HTC One smartphone in India

Are you looking for the price and specifications of HTC One smartphone which has just released in India. This is a high budget smartphone with great internal qualities. Read this article to know about the price and specifications of HTC One smartphone in India.

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