The all new Google Penguin updates

Google penguin updates are quite useful and make SEO more effective than ever.

Google Penguin is the code name given to the Google Algorithm update, which came into being in the year 2012. Google Penguin aims to decrease the search engine rankings of those websites that violates Google's Webmaster guidelines by using the black-hat SEO techniques involved in increasing artificially the ranking on any given webpage, by manipulating the number of links pointing to the page. There are several tactics, which are often termed as schemes. Google has recently updated Penguin to ensure better results. For any website, it is very important to abide by the Google penguin updates so that you can have enhanced results with SEO and authentic traffic to your website. It is also imperative for the web developers to be aware about the latest updates of Google Penguin top stay updated about the recent trends.
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Is your website penalised by Google Penguin updates and your website lost traffic? Are you looking for ways to recover from the Penguin penalties and get back the original traffic in Google search results? Read this article to find some tips on recovering from Google search penalties.

How to report Google Penguin update complaints to Google

Is your blog or website traffic affected by Google Penguin update? Learn how to report to Google that your site is affected by this algorithm change. If the traffic to your original content is significantly reduced after this Penguin update, you may report it to Google through a Complaint Form provided by Google.

Google Penguin Update: What bloggers need to learn

A number of websites have lost their search engine rankings after the Google penguin update. While some websites have been penalized for over optimization the major target of this update are the websites that used private blog networks to achieve higher rankings in Google. Even if your website is not affected by the Google penguin update, there are still a number of hidden messages for you in this update. Let us discuss what this update means for you.

How Google Penguin Update created a need for high quality articles and content writers

The recent update has punished the websites playing with backlinks and making use of loopholes in ranking algorithm of Google to rank low quality content. But after the Google penguin update the scenario is completely changed. The demand for original and high quality articles or web content has increase. The webmasters also realizing the importance of quality content in the long run. In this post, I will discuss that how the content writers will benefit from the Google penguin update.

Recover Original traffic to your blog affected by Google Penguin update

Recently, Google launched a new ranking algorithm update called "Penguin". A number of websites were reported to have got affected by this update resulting in loss of organic traffic and thus suffered badly. The webmaster forums are now filled up with the thread related to this issue and everyone is complaining about the limitation of this update.In this post, I will provide useful tips for such bloggers to recover the original traffic for their blogs.
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