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Boost your local SEO by new Google Maps

Google has revamped its Google Maps to empower the local business owners. Google maps are the best way to soar your business. So the best possible way is to boost your local SEO and do the listing of the same in the Google maps to break into the online marketing.

How to use Stay Safer feature on Google Maps?

Google Maps has been one of the most widely used navigation tools globally. Do you know it recently launched an update to the app and introduced a new feature labelled Stay Safer. How to use the feature on your Google Maps?

Google – Motorola made 'X Phone' and 'X tablet' at Google event 2013

Are you waiting for the Google event 2013 to discover what new Google has to offer? Read the article about the new 'X Phone' and 'X tablet', Google is set to launch on May 15-17 in association with Motorola. Google event 2013 will also be marked by the first glimpse of much awaited Android Key Lime Pie. In Google event 2012, the company showcased Android Jelly Bean version & Nexus 7 tablets while the coming event will be a platform for Google's newer products. Read on to find all details.

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Google Nexus 7

Are you looking for a tablet from Google? Nexus 7 from Google is a tablet with 7 inch display and provides 10 hours of battery life. This would be a perfect travel companion for you. The Google Nexus 7 tablet has storage capacity of 32 GB.

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