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Gmail - Google Mail is an ad-supported email service made available to public since February 7, 2007 for free by Google. Gmail can be accessed via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols or as a secure web mail service. The storage capacity for secure mail service offered in Gmail is increased over the years by GB's.

What makes Gmail a fabulous mail service is the powerful and magnificent Google search engine that serves as its backbone. Be it a specific mail search or a contact search, you can easily spot out the mail you are looking for in seconds with the help of the Google Search Engine.

One of the greatest advantages is that all the conversations related to a specific thread are organized successively which makes it easier for the users to revisit the related content whenever required.

Additional storage can also be rented up to 16 TB for a price of US$799.99 per month. There are also Spam filters available that gives the privilege to the user to mark anonymous advertising messages as spam and the system obtains the capability to identify similar messages listed in future for all Gmail users.

Gmail Mobile available in more than 40 languages was released in 2005 for the provision of mail access in smartphones along with the Push mail support introduced in 2009 pertaining to the support of Gmail service through Google Sync for iPod Touch and iPhone Touch platforms. As of June 2012; a count of 425 million active Gmail users has been recorded.
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