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Top 4 Food & Nutrition Apps for Android phones and iPhones

Are you looking for Food & Nutrition Apps? Health is the real wealth and these days everyone wants to look fitter and younger. So, this article is about four such free apps which will help you improve your diet & thus health. Read the article for app reviews.

Food safety mobile Android app for food businesses in India

Need quick updates on your smartphone of FSSAI regulations? This article provides information of the new FoodSafetyHelpline app for those in the food business sector. The app provides the latest developments of FSSAI regulations as also a self-inspection tool.

Best Diet and Nutrition Apps in 2015

In today's lifestyle which has become too laidback and influenced with junk foods, there has been a steady rise in health related complications. I will hereby list out a few mobile apps that would help you to keep track on what you eat and take precautions against such complications.

Top Windows 10 Food and Nutrition apps

Health related apps are something which affect can affect the quality of your life if used seriously. So it is important that if you are planning to manage take your health in your own hands by getting the right nutrients everyday then you should use only the best Health and Nutrient related apps available out there for your Windows 8 or 10 device.

Top 3 Fitness & Nutrition Apps for iPhone & Android phones

Are you looking for fitness & nutrition apps? I have tried plenty of them myself and in this article, I am giving my take on the top 3 such apps. All these apps are free, extremely helpful and are available for both iPhone & Android phones.
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