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Far Cry 4 game initial review

If you have played Far Cry 3 game, you'd be really craving for more of it. Fret not. Far Cry 4, an open-world game, is here to quench your thrust. Let's talk about it a bit more here.

Review of Far Cry 3 game from Ubisoft Montreal

This article discusses about the features, story - it's about Far Cry 3, a game from Ubisoft Montreal. This is an update to the previous version of Far Cry called as Far Cry 2. This new version comes with more action packed in it and has better graphics. So let's see more about the game in detail.

Are days of single player games are over?

Single player games are becoming an increasingly rare thing these days. Are the days of single player games over? Let's take a deeper look and find out the truth behind it.
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