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Facebook is the famous social network among peoples. Using Facebook, people make friends, chat with them, upload their photos, comment on friends photos and status update. Status update means writing something present thought of their mind. Tagging is one of the important features of the Facebook. By using tag, you can pin your friends on the photo uploaded by you, so that the photos will displayed in the friends' wall also. What you need to start an account in Facebook, is an email ID. Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff give free email to its users. You can register with your email ID in the facebook.

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Most popular Facebook Apps: Tips to understand and use

The article describes some of the new applications available on Facebook, which are unknown to many. Some of them include EnemyGraph, Gogobot, Artfinder, Causes, Grockit, snooth, Runkeeper and many more which make the existing applications on Facebook more handy and simple in the use.

Future price of Facebook IPO share

Facebook IPO share is in news for last few days. In USA, investors and buyers are willing to know Future price of Facebook IPO share. Facebook Inc expected valuation price will be 100 billion and it is expected to raise to 10 billion after Facebook IPO launch. Facebook IPO price per share will lie in range of $ 38-$ 45. Read this article to know Future price of Facebook IPO share.

How to connect your Facebook account with Windows 8

Now it is very easy to connect your Facebook account in Windows 8. Windows 8 has an inbuilt application called Sociallite app which allows you to connect Facebook and update direct from the Start Screen in real time. This article explains you how to connect Facebook account with Windows 8 using this in built app of Windows 8.

Compare Facebook with Google+ (Google Plus)

Are you puzzled whether to move to Google+ (Google Plus) or stay with good old Facebook? Google Plus offers a lot of cool features compared to Facebook, but the Facebook is a matured network with a lot of applications already available. In this article, I will compare Facebook with Google Plus. Read this Google+ vs Facebook comparison before you make up your mind on whether to switch from Facebook to Google Plus.

Make your Movie with Facebook Timeline

Have you ever thought of making a Movie of the events and updates in your life through Facebook Timeline? Yes, now it is very easy to create your own movie throgh Timeline Movie Maker app, just go throgh this article to make your own movie.

How to Buy Facebook IPO Stocks?

Facebook is going to make history by launching a market event IPO- initial public offering. An IPO means when a privately owned company moves first time to be publicly traded in the stock market. Now any investor or trader can buy the Facebook stocks and own a portion of it in the company. Recently Facebook has announced $5 billion IPO, so let us see what all the hype is about, and some tips about how to buy IPO stocks!

How to invite friends to a page easily in Facebook - Mass invitation!

Wouldn't it be so helpful if you got a working solution for sending Facebook page invitations easily and quickly? Then finally you got that wonderful one! Here I have written about that working trick which is as simple as 1, 2, 3. I promise, you will get lots of Likes today! Read on!

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