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PaperTab: A tablet as flexible as paper unveiled at CES 2013

PaperTab tablet is a flexible e-reader developed by Intel, Plastic Logic and Queen's University. The PaperTab paper-thin flexible tablet PC prototype unveiled at CES 2013 in Las Vegas would surely be the revolutionary device to replace tablet PCs in future. Read on the article to find out the details of this latest tablet which got viral attention of tech enthusiasts around the globe. The article also has a video of this impressive tablet.

Best eReader software apps for Windows 8

Searching for eReader apps to read your eBooks on your Windows 8 device? Read our article for the list of the some of the best Windows 8 eReader software apps in Windows 8 store.

Top Essential Gadgets for college and school students

Ever wondered how students can develop themselves with smart gadgets? If yes, then read our resource which shows the top ten essential gadgets for tech freaky students. The list displays the best gadgets which can be utilized by students during their college or higher secondary grades. The usage, important characteristics and device functionalities has been explained in detail.

Adobe Acrobat XI Features | Price and Availability

Adobe Acrobat has released the new version Acrobat XI in the market. Check out the new and improved features and tools offered by Adobe Acrobat XI, how to download it and price of Acrobat XI in India and USA.
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