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Digital marketing in simple words is marketing of goods/products and services online. Online marketing is fast becoming one of the most preferred ways of marketing. From small companies to large multinational companies everybody is today marketing their products online. Some companies have their own in house marketing team while others outsource their online marketing to digital marketing agencies.

Digital marketing includes various forms like advertising on online blogs and forums, selling products or getting leads of the prospective customer by hiring affiliates and doing affiliate marketing, using social networking sites to communicate with the brand followers or users, advertising in form of videos, websites, apps and so on. The list is just endless and more innovative ways of marketing products and services online are getting launched day by day.

The major reason why online marketing is becoming so popular is because of the return on investments (ROI) it provides. As online penetration is increasing rapidly in all developing countries, including India, more and more people are using the internet and digital media for their daily needs. This helps the advertisers or marketers reach thousands and lakhs of people by just running a single advertising or marketing campaign for their products/services. Advertisers can also target their potential customers by using various filters offered by major online advertising networks like filtering by age, geographic location, city, state etc. This makes sure that the advertiser's campaign reaches to the right set of people and thus generate more traction from the marketing campaign. Also, the overheads in setting and running and online marketing campaign are low as compared to traditional marketing options available. All these options make digital and online marketing one of the best ways of marketing.

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