Computer Tuning

Computer Tuning is essential to make these machine works for your specific needs. Here are many articles about Computer Tuning both hardware and software.

Computer Tuning is must part of your work. You need to tweak these devices both hardware and software for your specific needs. At times many unwanted programs or a less appropriate hardware make a computer behave differently. Here are articles about computer tuning in different environment.
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How to increase the speed of computer?

This resource deals with the tips and ways to improve the speed of your computer. These tips includes defragmentation, registry clean up utility, use of antivirus with latest updates, use of default themes, removing temporary files and many more.

Review of Piriform's CCleaner- Cleaner and optimization software for Windows

Are you worried that your PC or laptop is getting slow every day? Do you want to increase your hard disk space which is getting reduced due to various changes made? Do you want to fix your PC or Laptop registry errors? If yes, then read this article to know all details about CCleaner software which solves all the above mentioned problems and many more. The article explains the various features of CCleaner and reviews it.

How to monitor CPU speed?

This resource will provide information regarding how to monitor the speed of the CPU with the help of the CPU meter gadget which is used in calculating the performance of the CPU.

Registry Reviver - an amazing tool for optimizing your PC

Are you a person experiencing a lower performance speed of your computer as opposed to what you used to get when you first bought it? The most probable solution for it is that you clean the registry of your computer. This can be done by various registry cleaners available online. Read the article to know the solution.

CCleaner - PC Performance Optimizer and Cleaner

CCleaner is a utility used to increase the speed & performance of your computer. This software helps to improve the performance of your system by removing off your temporary files, wiping free space and by removing the left over files of uninstalled software and repairing registry files.

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