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How to configure 3G in Chromebook using SIM cards

In this article you can find tutorial about using SIM card in Chromebook to access 3G network. I have give tutorial for Verizon 3G as well as other SIM cards. You can also get information about enabling the roaming option.

How to play MKV files on Chromebook?

Struggling with playing MKV files on your Chromebook? Fret not, there are many other ways to play an MKV file on a Chromebook and we will be discussing all of these methods in this article. Read on!

Best Chromebooks to buy in 2016

Laptops have been on their way to replace the desktops completely. And now a new breed arrives on the screen with the Chromebooks. Lower cost and a good battery life are a couple of features that have made Chromebooks hot favourites among the laptop users.
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